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Freebies included with the 2024 Planner- One 2024 Photo Calendar + 1 Mini Notebook + 4 Sticker sheets!

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Please note that orders placed post 06 January will be shipped from 12 January 2024 only. Kindly note this before placing your order!


The life you want to live is already there all, you have to do is believe you deserve it and then simply live it.

Sounds too good to be true? It's not. What you see in your mind, you have the power to hold it in your hands. The world offers an abundance of everything. Everything you're seeking is seeking you. The goals you want to achieve, the places you want to visit, the love you want to feel, the life you want to lead is a reality that is already present. There are no tricks to this. What you visualise, you materialise.

We have seen the undeniable impact of these practices come through consistency, time, decisive action and unwavering faith that screams "Yes, the life I want is available to me and I deserve everything The Universe has to offer!"

We hope that with the help of this journal, some consistency and an open mind, you can not only visualize your ideal life but also manifest it into reality.

Clear your mind and heart, be grateful for what you have, visualise your best life and manifest it into a reality. This journal is a helping hand along the enriching journey you are about to embark on. The power is within you, you just have to believe it, because the world already does.

The 2024 Planner Includes:
•A Back Pocket
•12 Artworks (which you actually can cut out & use as wall decor)

•12 Exciting and entertaining monthly challenges
•Golden Book Edges
• A bookmark

Some of the pages:
•2024 Goals
•My Future Timeline
•24 Things to do in 2024
•Period Tracker
•Breast Examination Tracker
•Adult Colouring Pages
•Year At A Glance
•Monthly Spread
•Monthly Vision

Weekly Spread
•Monthly Expense & Budget Tracker
•Habit Tracker

•Workout Tracker
•Monthly Reflections
•Healthy Meal Plan
•Brain Dump
•Mid Year Checkup
•Travel Planner/Packing List
•Worry Jar
(These are just some of the pages!)

Other Details:
Planner Dimensions-25x18cm
312 Pages
Pocket Notebook Dimensions-15×10
70 pages
100 GSM pages
170 GSM Card Letter pages

Shipping for the planners ordered post 06 January 2024 will begin from 12 January 2024 and can take upto 10-12 business days from date of order. Please be rest assured, we will try to unite you with your planner ASAP!
So excited to share this 2024 Planner with you guys💖

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